100 dollar bill SURS Posts Solid FY 13 Investment Results November 6, 2013

SURS earned a strong 12.5% investment return (net of investment fees) for FY 2013.

Medicare Update on State Medicare Advantage Plans November 15, 2013

SURS retirees enrolled in the State Employees’ Insurance Program may be required to choose new providers.

Special SMP Advocate SMP Newsletter Available Online October 15, 2013

The October SMP Advocate addresses supplemental retirement savings plans for SURS members.

Mother and Daughter CMS Conducting Dependent Eligibility Audit October 4, 2013

CMS has hired HMS Employer Solutions to audit dependent eligibility under the SEGIP and TRIP.

Retirement Ahead Retirement Education Seminars (Naperville) February 1, 2018

These seminars are for members enrolled in the Traditional and Portable Plans who are close to retirement.

2012 Annual Report Summary 2012 Annual Report Summary Available Online July 11, 2013

SURS has posted its 2012 Annual Financial Report Summary for viewing.

2012 Annual Financial Report Summary