Disability, Death & DRA Process Team - Member Service Representative

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The State Universities Retirement System (SURS) is one of the five state-funded retirement plans that provide retirement, survivor, death and disability benefits on behalf of more than 227,000 members from 61 employers in Illinois, including state universities, community colleges and state agencies. SURS administers benefits and oversees a large, investment program with assets approximating $20.3 billion as of June 30, 2017.

Main Duties

  • Review medical records for members that apply for disability and disability retirement and recommend approval or disapproval of the claim*
  • Process, calculate and approve disability, death and survivor, and DRA claims

*While this position will initially be responsible for the review of medical records 50 percent time and the calculation of claims 50 percent time, the position could eventually be 100 percent claims processing.

This position is 100 percent time. The percentage of time in this position is not negotiable.

Apply for this Position

Applicants should submit a completed SURS application, current resume, and a dated cover letter to This position is subject to a background check as terms of hire.

SURS is an Equal Opportunity Employer.