Actuarial Audit Firm Search

Actuarial Audit Firm Search

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October 26, 2015

The State Universities Retirement System of Illinois (SURS), a cost-sharing, multiple-employer public retirement system is requesting proposals from qualified bidders for full scope actuarial auditing services for the State Universities Retirement System of Illinois (SURS). The full scope actuarial audit would include a complete actuarial valuation based on the same census data, assumptions and actuarial methods used by our actuary, providing a detailed report and presentation of the findings.

Document Name Date
SURS Actuarial Audit RFP 2015 11/2/15


Description Date
Quiet Period Begins June 12, 2015
Dissemination of RFP November 2, 2015
Proposers' Conference November 16, 2015
Deadline for questions to SURS November 23, 2015
RFP responses due by 4:30 p.m. CT November 30,  2015
SURS Board approves selected firm December, 2015
Presentation of Actuarial Audit Reports to SURS Board June, 2016