SURS Executive Director Announces Retirement

September 22, 2014 - 15:24
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Champaign, IL – William E. Mabe, executive director of the State Universities Retirement System announced that he plans to retire effective March 31, 2015.

Mabe said his early notice provides the board ample time to conduct a thorough search for the next executive director. SURS Board Chairperson Lindsay Anderson commented that a search committee has been appointed, and it was moving forward in a diligent and systematic manner.

“Executive Director Mabe is to be commended and praised for his leadership and dedication to SURS’ staff, members, and stakeholders,” said Anderson. “He will be remembered and held in high esteem by the entire SURS’ staff, members, annuitants, and universities and community colleges.”

Mabe assumed his current role in June 2010 having a demonstrated track record in turning around large troubled private and public organizations.  During his tenure at SURS he has made great strides in improving overall performance by developing and implementing a strategic plan that provides vision and direction enabling SURS to become an even more effective and efficient strategy-focused organization. 

Board Chairperson Anderson praised Mabe as a strategic thinker and member-focused leader.  “Executive Director Mabe’s contribution to SURS has been outstanding,” Anderson said. “He has been the right leader at the right time and he brought a new sense of purpose and direction to SURS."

SURS Executive Director Announces Retirement