Death of a Survivor/Contingent Annuitant

Death of a Survivor/Contingent Annuitant

  • Report Death

  • Receive/Review Correspondence

  • Return Application

  • Claim Finalized

SURS should be notified as soon as possible when someone receiving survivor benefits passes away.  SURS prefers to receive a report of death by phone in order to gather all necessary information; however, SURS will also accept reports of death by mail or fax.

Dial Toll Free:  800-275-7877
Dial Direct:  217-378-8800
Fax:  217-378-9800
Mail:  1901 Fox Drive, Champaign, IL 61820

The following information is needed when the death is reported:

  • The date of death

Traditional and Portable Plans:
If there are other survivors receiving benefits through the original member (Traditional Plan only), SURS will request a copy of the deceased survivor’s death certificate.  Survivor benefits for any remaining survivors may be recalculated.

If there are no other survivors receiving benefits through the original member, SURS will review the file to see if any of the original member’s contributions remain on file.

  • If there are no remaining contributions, a confirmation letter will be sent along with a request for a copy of the death certificate.
  • If there are remaining contributions to be paid, a letter and an application will be sent to the original member’s beneficiary(ies).  A certified copy of the death certificate will be requested.  Please note that it is rare for there to be remaining contributions.

Retirement Savings Plan:  
SURS will notify the appropriate annuity provider – Principal or TIAA.  In the event beneficiaries exist, each provider will mail a corresponding packet to those listed on the annuity application.  Documents should be returned to the provider.

Return Requested Documents to SURS:

If assistance is needed with the materials, contact a SURS Benefits Counselor at 800-275-7877 or dial direct at 217-378-8800.  SURS is unable to provide information pertaining to benefits payable to anyone but the beneficiary(ries).

Death and Survivor Benefit Assistance - This video is for Traditional and Portable plan members