Service Credit, Refunds, and Retirement

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The following brochures and leaflets explain the purchase of prior service, the Reciprocal Act and systems, the refund process and retirement annuities. Another good resource for information on these topics is the Frequently Asked Questions page.

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Click cover for Purchasing Service Credit Purchasing Service Credit
The State Universities Retirement System (SURS) statutes allow for the purchase of eligible service credit for those members enrolled in the Portable and Traditional plans.
09/13/13 2
Click cover for Reciprocal Act Retirement System Reciprocal Act
The Reciprocal Act ensures continuous pension credit for public employment in Illinois. Pension credits of more than one year in any Reciprocal Systems may be used to meet qualifications for retirement or survivor benefits.
06/30/16 2
Click cover for Retirement Facts Refund Fact Sheet
For additional information on the application process and the differences between separation refunds in the Traditional, Portable, and Self-Managed Plans, visit the Separation Refund FAQ.
01/01/11 1